Family Of Woman Shot Holds Press Conference

The family of the woman injured in Wednesday's shooting at ETMC came came together Thursday for a news conference. Luccendia White's sister, cousin and a close friend of hers talked about her physical condition. They all said she believes Luccendia is a strong woman and that she'll pull out of this horrible situation.

Those who say know Luccendia best never thought something like this would happen. "She's everything to me and to the whole family she's the one who keeps it together. It's terrible what happened," said Francis Thomas, 22, Luccendia's youngest sister.

She started off this morning's press conference by saying Luccendia is a great person. She says she lived with the couple for eight years and never saw any signs of trouble. "I lived with them. They never fussed in front of the kids or nothing like that," said Thomas.

Racquel Smith, a close friend who sees Luccendia as a sister, says Luccendia never mentioned marital problems. "There was not only day that she would come in and you would know that she's depressed about something. If she was, she hid it very well. And, like I said earlier, the only that she would do is listen to whatever it is you had to say or whatever problems you were going through. You would never know there was something wrong with her," said Smith.   "And that's why I think it came a shock to everybody because you would see her every day that she's here and there is nothing, no bruises, no scars, and we can't say she was every jumped on. There were no tell-tale signs to know that there was something going on in that household."

"Probably only the people who lived in that household, that would be her, her husband and her two kids know what's going on there because she was a very private person. Luccendia was the kind of person that you only know what she wanted you to know. And where you're spilling all your problems, she had a limit to what she would tell you," said smith.

The shooting has left many questions unanswered. "I just want to know why. There's an explanation for everything. And you know wrong from right, so you just want to know why," said Teresa Ransom, Luccendia's cousin.  "When I heard how many shots she had actually received, I was like, 'How did she survive that?'  Like I said, She's very strong but it's just amazing that she actually survived it," said Smith.

They say, she's in no condition to talk right now.  "She knows that we're there. She knows that we're holding her hand and she'll look at us and just nod, because she can't talk right now. She knows that we're there. She knows that we love her. She knows that we love her and we have her in our prayers," said Ransom.

They just want two things: for justice and for Luccendia to get better. "Luccendia's the kind of person who don't cry, be strong. She wouldn't want us to cry. She wouldn't want us to sad. She'd want us to be lively," said Ransom.   "And that's the kind of person she was. I mean, if she was having a bad day, she'll listen to somebody else's problems. She'll be their shoulder. She'll be everything you want her to be at that moment. She puts her feelings aside and that's exactly what we're doing for her."

"Justice," said Thomas about what she wants to see done.

"We want what's supposed to happen done. We do want justice for that but we want him to realize, you tried to take a wonderful person and from my standpoint it wasn't her time and no matter what stone you throw, she's still gonna be standing," said Thomas.

It is unknown when Luccendia would be getting out of the hospital or how long it's going to take for her to recuperate. As far as the injuries she sustained, the family did not want to address that at this point. The couple's two children are being taken care of by family and friends. They're said to be doing well under the circumstances.

The other victim in this shooting, Ronald Norton, released a statement today.  His family says,    "due to the ongoing stress of the situation surrounding both the illness of his wife and the tragic event he witnessed and was injured from, the family wishes for privacy at this time while Mr. Norton recuperates.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.