Longview Worker Confirmed Viral Meningitis Case

A  worker  for Longview high school has been diagnosed with viral meningitis. The Gregg county health department notified L.I.S.D. about it last week, after the worker had been hospitalized on February 15th. School officials have notified parents, but say there is no concern of an outbreak.

"We asked the health department to look into it and that's how we we're able to confirm that the worker had viral meningitis which is not nearly as deadly or contagious or any of those terrible things that bacterial meningitis or other forms of meningitis are" says L.I.S.D. Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Scott.

Viral meningitis is a contagious infection in the spinal cord and fluid surrounding the brain, and is rarely life threatening.

Bob Hallmark/bhallmark@kltv.com