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Richard White Confesses To Shooting Wife

Richard White; the man accused of shooting his wife in front of ETMC Tyler. Richard White; the man accused of shooting his wife in front of ETMC Tyler.
Lucciendia White Lucciendia White

  Some revealing new information Thursday morning from the Arrest Affidavit of Richard White; the man accused of shooting his wife in front of ETMC Tyler.

  The Arrest Affidavit, provided by Smith County includes an apparent confession to the shooting, and how police were able to catch up to White so quickly.

  Filed by Tyler Police Officer Wayne O. Thomas, it says: 

  "On Wednesday February 28, 2007, Affiant received information that there had been a shooting in front of East Texas Medical Center Hospital, located at 1000 South Beckham in Tyler, Smith County, Texas. Affiant responded to the scene, along with numerous witnesses and a pool of coagulated blood just in front of the front entrance doors to the hospital. I received information that a female identified as Lucciendia White (employee at ETMC) had been shot several times by a black male, believed to be her husband.  There was also another individual shot, identified as Ronald Norton, who was standing inside the entrance doors.  A bullet that had missed Lucciendia White had apparently traveled through the glass on the entrance doors and struck Ronald Norton in the right/left ankle.  Lucciendia White and Ronald Norton were taken into the emergency room to be treated for their injuries.  Affiant learned that officers had stopped the suspect vehicle as the suspect was fleeing the hospital on East Gentry in Tyler.  The suspect vehicle description had been given out over the police radio as called in by witnesses.  The suspect, identified as Richard White, was taken into custody without incident.  Det. Gregg Roberts and Det. Kevin Mobley responded to that location an read his Miranda warning. Richard White stated that he had shot his wife.
  Richard White was transported to the Tyler Police Department, where Det. Mobley and I conducted a video-taped interview.  I read Richard White his Miranda warnings and he agreed to speak to us without the presence of an attorney.  White stated he and Luccendia White have been married since 1982 and she had recently told him she was leaving him and no longer wished to be married.  Richard White last saw Luccienda White Monday morning.  Richard White stated he could not take the pressure of his wife leaving him, so he retrieved his .380 semi-automatic handgun from his residence and went to ETMC on Monday, February 28, 2007.  Richard White contacted Luccendia White inside the hospital, where she is employed.  They walked out to the front of the hospital where Richard White displayed his .380 handgun and began firing at her.  After he fired several rounds, Richard White threw the handgun in a flower pot in front of the hospital and left northbound on Beckham and onto E. Gentry where he was stopped by Tyler Police officers.
   WHEREFORE, I request that an arrest warrant be issued for the suspect hereinbefore designated according to the laws of this State."

  Richard White remains in police custody, charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon.


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