911 Call Released From Shooting At ETMC

The Tyler police department have released the 911 call from today's (2/28/07) shooting at ETMC in Tyler.

Operator:  "Tyler 911."

Caller: "Yes we've got shots fired, live fire here at ETMC Tyler. We've got a bleeding-one person down, two people hit."

Operator:  "Where are you at sir?"

Caller: "I said ETMC Tyler."

Operator: "Okay you're at 1000 South Beckham?"

Caller: "Yes. We've got shots fired and I didn't see who did it."

Operator: "Okay are they inside the hospital?"

Caller: "No mam, right outside. The person fled."

Operator: "Okay what kind of vehicle was he in?"

Caller: "I didn't see that."

Operator: "Okay do you know if the suspect is inside? Was there a victim?"

Caller: "Yes, victim's on the floor, she's bleeding. We've got medics coming but we need-we need officers immediately."

Operator: "Okay we're on our way."

Christine Nelson, cnelson@kltv.com, reporting

Kathy Vitale, kvitale@kltv.com, 5pm news producer