Get A Massage Before Your Teeth Cleaning

Dental phobia-- it's a paralyzing fear of seeking dental care. It's been reported that approximately 50% of the population avoid seeking regular dental care because of anxiety. But there is a new option for East Texans.   One local dentist has a spa dentistry to help patients relax.

"The dental spa concept is something that we have been thinking about for 3 to 4 years been reading about it and hearing about it from dental offices across the United States, usually in larger cities," says Dr. Robert Burnett, Dentist, The Center for Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry.

So last year, when Dr. Robert Burnett remodeled his office in Tyler with high tech dental equipment he added a dental spa.

"Patients want to be treated but more than that they want to be cared for.   We wanted to be able to offer things that they will feel special and pampered," says Dr. Burnett.

So for patients like 32 year old Jennifer Melton of Flint.  She is getting a massage before or after her dental work. Many people have anxiety about going to the dentist.

"It depends on what I am coming in for and what to anticipate," says Jennifer.

She will be getting a new crown, so before the dental work begins she pampers herself to a paraffin treatment for her hands and a chair massage. Then after her dental work, she is going to get a Swedish massage.

"I think most people are pretty nervous before they go to the dentist and a lot people have anxiety before they go to the dentist.  I feel like it helps me a lot before and it will help me relax afterwards after I'm finished with the dentist," says Jennifer.

Staff massage therapist, Lori Andreason says it's a new concept but patients are now enjoying their dental visit.

"It does get the circulation going and does relax the muscles and it's an opportunity to release some of those pre anxiety they are having," says Lori.

Anxiety that melts away with this treatment for your nerves.

The cost for the spa treatment are additional but the staff says the patients are really enjoying it. Dr. Burnett says you don't have to have a dental appointment to come in and enjoy a day at the spa.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.