A Milking Cow Visits An East Texas School

Some East Texas students got the chance to see a real live cow in class Wednesday.   Students at Doris McQueen Primary School in Longview had a visit from the Mobile Dairy Classroom where they met Itsy Bitsy the cow.  They were able to learn about the entire milking process. Students watched in excitement as the handler milked the cow by hand and by machine.   

Charlotte Hold with the Gregg County Ag Extension Program, says, "we want them to know that their food is raised by farmers who take care of the dairy cows and produce the milk for us."

Kaitlynne Beachum, a Doris McQueen student, says, "it had a machine and it turned on and the milk went in the poles and then it splattered in there.:

The presentation was put on by the Southwest Dairy Farmers.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com