East Texas Mother Gets New Smile

A new smile for Christmas. That's what one East Texas teenager wished for, not for herself, but for her mother. For more than ten years, Tracy Anderson of Whitehouse, single mother of two has battled broken teeth and painful dental work.

"There was problems right off the top," said Tracy Anderson, who needs dental work. "I had one of the veneer break. There's different things that you can't see, but I know it's there, very self conscious.  Tracy says she never had the money, or the time to get her teeth fixed. Knowing her mother was unhappy, Tracy's 15 year old daughter Brittany wrote a letter to a local dentist asking for help.

"My mother is a divorced mother of two," said Brittany Anderson, Tracy's daughter. "I don't get to see her much because I'm normally asleep when she comes home from work. My Mom used to attend our functions until one of the kids made a comment about my Mom's smile. My Christmas list is much shorter this year, and I only have one unselfish, request.  I ask for assistance from a dentist to help my mom with her smile." The letter inspired Dr. Rick Coker of Tyler to help.

"You read it and go, how could I not do it," said Dr. Rick Coker, DDA of Coker's Smile Studio.   This morning, Dr. Coker gave Tracy temporaries, teeth that will soon make a permanent picture perfect smile.  Tracy says she owes it all to her daughter.

"Tou may not have everything, but it's not about financial, it's about what you possess and being able to make others happy with what you hold inside," said Anderson. "That's just her. She will go out of her way to make others happy." Tracy is expected to her permament teeth in the next few weeks.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com