Diseases Discovered During An Eye Exam

Your eyes are your window to your health. Doctors are now able to use your eye exams to find diseases all over your body.  An East Texas woman's eye exam caught a potentially crippling disease.

"I was having some problems. I didn't know what it was," says My Wilder.

My is 26year old and has been having vision problems making it hard for her to study.

"Redness of the eye and it hurts when the light hits it. It is really light sensitive and it was just hurting a lot," says My.

That's when she decided to go to Dr. Rebecca Jones with DeHaven Eye Clinic in Tyler for an eye exam.

"She was complaining of redness and her eyes were blurry and uncomfortable.  So we diagnosed it with a condition we call eyeritis- inflammation of the eye," says Dr. Jones.

To find out the cause, Dr. Jones sent My to the reumotologist.  She was diagnosed with arthritis of the spine and joints.

"I was having some lower back problems and I had gone into a doctor a couple of years before but they didn't realize what it was," says My.

"Arthritis type conditions are often related to eye conditions. Inflammation in the eye is often describe that as inflammation of the joint," says Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones says diseases can be discovered through an eye exam for example, arthritis, stroke type symptoms, diabetes and high blood pressure. My says she is thankful her eye exam revealed a problem she had been suffering with for years.

"I had no clue before I was diagnosed that you could do arthritis like that or any other disease," says My.

Dr. Jones says anyone over the age of 60 should have an eye exam every year or if you are younger and have a family history of diabetes or other eye conditions.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.