Truck Downs Longview Power Line

Some scary moments for some Longview drivers today as a live power line comes down right in the middle of a busy roadway.     Witnesses say an 18-wheeler clipped a low hanging power line in the 800 block of North High Street around 3 this afternoon.   The line came down, snapping a power pole , and dropping on cars that were coming through the area.

Police closed the area off and power was knocked out to several local businesses.   Several motorists narrowly escaped with live power lines bouncing off their cars.

"It just drug and came across and came down on this side and started swiping everything like this and hit our car and the electricity was all over our car and that people over there popped and he was trying to brake down and stuff and the electricity everywhere , I thought we were going to die" said witness Tammy Warren.

No one was injured in the accident, and power was restored to the area within minutes.   Police are investigating whether the line was hanging at a required level.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting