Legal Action Against Longview Illegal Dump Area

Health officials are taking legal action to clear mountains of trash at a  Longview home. Kltv first told you in December about a dumpsite in the 200 block of Mamon street in Longview. Inspectors found mounds of computers and old oil barrels, litter and junk cars  covering the 2-acre site. The owner was ticketed and told to clean up the mess, but months later, the trash is still their,  leaving the city with one option, legal action.

"On a re-inspection we found that there was no visible process of cleaning up in any remediation in the property so we're in the process of filing charges on the owner and we should shortly have the owner before the municipal court judge" said Buck Farrar of the Longview Environmental Health Department.

The owner will be required to make a plea before a judge, and could face more fines for not cleaning the property.

Bob Hallmark /