A Better East Texas: Junior Colleges

If you've struggled in the college classroom or don't feel you're college material I may have some good news for you.

There is some indication that the increase in the number of wealthy Americans has increased the demand for craftsman. So while it may be easy to find a doctor or lawyer it's not as easy to find a good carpenter or painter. In fact in a recent check of phone number listings in East Texas I found the listings for doctors and lawyers outnumbered the listings for carpenters and painters by almost 7 to 1.  And other professions considered "craftsman" are equally scarce. Since demand is increasing so is the pay for these jobs.

While a college education is the best route to take there are some of us who aren't meant for the college environment. If you're one of those people you need to know we have some of the best "craftsman" schools in the country through our local junior colleges. I understand some of their graduates are getting $5000 signing bonuses with new employers....If you're struggling with a career choice check with your local junior college and let them help you improve your chances of getting a well paying job and in helping us make this a better east texas.