Accused Former Smith County Jury Coordinator Misses Three Court Dates

The former jury coordinator in Smith County has herself missed three court appearances.  She's charged with intoxication manslaughter.  The attorney for 61-year-old Mary Dodgen now says she suffers from cancer and has not been able to make court dates in Austin.

It was there that Dodgen is accused of plowing her car into pedestrians leaving a nighttime concert in July.  31-year-old attorney Jeff Wilson was killed.  Dodgen's attorney says she is undergoing chemotherapy, but Wilson's family says despite treatment, a trial must go on.

"If you drink and drive and you kill someone, there are penalties to be involved in that.  That's what we'd like to see, closure on this," says the victim's father, Don Wilson.

Jeff Wilson's widow, Mandy Wilson says, "Tou empathize as much as you can with that situation, but that doesn't excuse what happened.  That forever -- Jeff is gone forever -- and she injured people."

"Apparently you can commit a really heinous crime, I mean, injure them so bad that they're in I.C.U. for a week, and then you can get sick and never have to pay for that through the system, and that's really hard (to accept),"

Dodgen's next court date is March 29th. Her Austin attorney says he's not sure if Dodgen will be able make it to court even then.   The Travis County District Attorney's office says they're not able to comment.