Absence Of Safety Equipment Causes Bone Fractures

Bikes and scooters, something your children probably love to ride. However, doctors say they are seeing more children with bone fractures. The absence of safety equipment is to blame. Some parents say they may require their children to wear safety helmets but the knee, wrist and ankle pads are just too hard to get their children to wear.

"The safety equipment can get in the way. It can make it a little less spontaneous, if it a nice sunny day and your children get home from school and want to ride, it can slow down the excitement if you have to put on the safety pads.  It's not to say the pads are not good idea, but they are hassle," says Shane Payne, Father of Two.

"The most common with all kids essential with this is forearm fractures, wrist fractures, and elbow fractures.   You also see a lot of abrasions, cuts and scraps which can usually be helped by safety equipment," says Dr. Patrick Wupperman, Orthopedic Surgeon at Azalea Orthopedics.

The American Association of Pediatrics does not recommend kids under five riding scooters at all.

Karolyn Davis, reporting