Frankston ISD's Biggest Loser Contest

Tracking their inches. As you may recall, KLTV 7 continues to follow some East Texas school district employees starting their own version of the hit TV show 'The Biggest Loser.'  More than 60 employees of Frankston ISD are trying to shed that extra weight to become the biggest loser.   Contestants are only inches away from their final weigh-in.  The pounds are falling off after week one but now as the competition is coming to an end.  Teachers, administrators and coaches are weighing in to see who will be given the coveted title- 'The Biggest Loser.'

"They are very excited, it's been good for employee moral. It has just amazed me they have been waiting in line to weigh every week," says Ginger Voorsheese, School Nurse, Frankston ISD.

At weigh in, everyone gives $5 to go towards the grand prize.

"It will be $2,400 divided by the first, second and third place teams.   The biggest loser will win the biggest loser pile," says Jensey Brizzell, Organizer of Biggest Loser Contest.

During week one, we met 43 year old Katrina Holmans who is hoping to shed 20 pounds.

"One week so far doing pretty good, I lost 6 pounds this morning," says Katrina.

Now, Katrina has passed her goal.

"I've lost 26 pounds so far and I am hoping 8 more. It is very exciting and if Jensy had not started this contest I would not have kept the goal that I have set.  It's great motivation to keep it up and keep it going," says Katrina.

But she competition is close behind.

"And one with 25 pounds and one with 24 pounds, so they are much in the running," says Ginger.

Katrina says if she wins the contest she already knows what she is going to do with the money.

"I thought about doing something different with my hair and treat myself to a massage and a make over," says Katrina.

Soon, the final weigh-in will ultimately tell who will be the biggest winner and loser. Along with the winning team, the person who loses the most weight will win cash. And, KLTV 7 will be sure to bring you the results on who will become Frankston ISD's Biggest Loser.

Karolyn Davis, Reporting.