A Better East Texas: HPV Vaccine

Governor Perry evidently didn't get the voter's message in the last election about the cost of arrogance. The HPV vaccine may be the right thing to do but he should have allowed it to go through the state legislative process. Regardless of his intentions the decision is tainted by the coincidences relating to the drug maker Merck who is most likely to benefit from his hurry order. Consider this...Merck contributed money to Governor Perry's reelection campaign...His former chief of staff is now the chief lobbyist for Merck in Austin....And finally this hurry up may give Merck a head a start on another drug maker who is developing a competing vaccine.

The good news is legislation was developed in the house last week to stop this unwarranted mandate in its tracks. I can tell you if you live in any of the counties you see on the screen that your state representative told us they fully intend to stand up to the governor and support this counter measure. Our east Texas delegation should be commended for standing up for what's right and making this a better east Texas.