Narrow Escape From Longview Storm Damage

Some extremely close calls for residents in Gregg County, as the high winds from yesterday had giant trees crashing through homes. Downed power lines, smashed billboards, even roofs torn off of buildings,  and many in Gregg County without power.

"I heard a noise like I've never heard this noise before.  Hope I never have to hear it again.  It shook the whole ground it was like a bomb going off," said Kilgore resident Vee Ann Hoyle, whose home and cars were hit by a falling tree.

In Kilgore, trees knocked out power lines and kept many in the dark until late today.  "It shook the whole house.  We were instantly scared.  We were scared because you don't know what's going on," said Kilgore resident Robert Hoyle.

A frightening close call in Longview as a massive pine tree crashed through two mobile homes, with children narrowly escaping from being crushed.  "I saw the tree fall over. I got really scared because my children were inside. I thought that my little girl was dead. I was so scared," said Erma Zarate whose home was crushed by a falling tree.

"Everything we had, we had put in that trailer so that we could fix it up. It was destroyed and we fixed it. We spent all of out money on that," she said.

Around 5,000 people were without power according to AEP Swepco. Many angry that they could get nothing more than a recording trying to report outages. But some were just glad to miraculously get out of it alive.  "I don't know how I feel because I don't have a place to go with my children, but we are alive," said Zarate.

Homes had power knocked out from Longview to Marshall to Shreveport. Only a few reports of power outages were reported late this evening.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.