Black History Month Event Aimed At Helping The Youth

A Black History Month event in a small East Texas town focuses on the youth in the community. Citizens in Gladewater say they are ready to take back their youth.  They started this morning by uniting under one roof.

Members of the Gladewater community gathered at the Rising Star Church of God in Christ Saturday morning, in song and prayer, hoping to help their youth.

"When you look at the prison system and you look at the jail, and you look at the youth on the streets, that's a sign of urgency because for future generations, the way things are going if our future is destroyed then we are headed down hill," said New Hope Baptist Church Reverend Marcellus Price.

Organizers say they hope this morning's event will spark a fire in the community, letting them know they have work to do.  "As Dr. King said he had a dream, and we are hoping at this event we can try and find a way to come together and work together as a unit," said Price.

Deborah Pike who has lived in Gladewater for almost 17 years knows what she wants to see done.  "We want to let the streets know that you are not going to take anymore of our kids," said Pike. "We are going to fight back. We want our kids back.  We want them in the church houses doing positive things in the community."

It's a fight to save the younger generation, a fight those this morning say they will not give up. This is the church's first Black History Month event and hope to continue it again next year.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.