In the Kitchen: Pulled Pork Sandwich & Taco


Sandwich: Toasted Bun Stanley's Famous Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder Your Very Own "Secret Sauce" Fresh Cole Slaw Pickles, onions, or any other fix'ins you want Stanley's Famous Homemade Bar-B-Que Sauce   Pull the pork from the bone and hand shred. Put on your toasted bun and add sauce.  Spoon some fresh slaw on top and any fixins you want for an authentic East of the Mississippi" BBQ sandwich!


Taco: Flour Tortilla Stanley's Famous Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder Guacamole Cheese of your choice Frsh Cut Cabbage Taco sauce   Toast a tortilla and add guacamole and cheese. Pull the pork and hand shred. Place on the tortilla and top with fresh cut cabbage and taco sauce.  Add some jalapenos and enjoy!