Longview Investigator Back From Iraq

An East Texas man is back home in Longview after leaving his family and a good job behind, to serve in Iraq.  He was in the Air Force right out of high school, 12 years as a Longview police officer, then a special investigator with the Gregg county district attorneys office.   But at forty four Mike Augustine saw what was going on in Iraq and made a life decision.

"Right after 9-11 there was a big feeling of patriotism and rightfully so, I'm still able bodied, I've got law enforcement and military experience maybe I can do my part" Augustine says.

Joining the naval reserves, mike was sent to Iraq for a year to teach security techniques to Iraqi regulars,  leaving behind his job and his family.

"There's never a good time to spend a year away from your family, I can't even begin to express the support I got from my wife and my family while I was gone. I saw these you men and women going over there. Why not pitch in and see what I could do" he said.

He worked in searing heat, under tough conditions, yet has no regrets.

"Since we have taken the fight to those who would try to do us harm, how many terrorist attacks have we had since then" Mike says.

For Augustine, the service he has given, has given more to him.

"It's a privilege to wear the uniform and I know it's a strong word but I really pity people that have never had the opportunity to wear the uniform and serve their country" he says.

Augustine's job at the Gregg county district attorney's office was waiting for him when he got back. Mike remains on active status in the naval reserves.

Bob Hallmark/bhallmark@kltv.com.