Police Believe Son Killed Father, Then Turned Gun On Himself

A father and son are shot dead in East Texas and investigators believe the son may have pulled the trigger.  The possible murder suicide happened Thursday night near Hallsville in Harrison County.   Neighbors are still in disbelief that something like this could happen.

The scene police arrived on Thursday night was a bloody, disheveled house with a father and son, dead inside. Before taking his own life, investigators say Seth Gordon, 21, called 911, saying he shot his father, Dwight Gordon, at his request.

"He said his father had cancer and his father wanted him to shoot him so he wouldn't suffer," says Harrison County Lieutenant Marty Latham.

When officers arrived on the scene, things got tense.

"He told the dispatcher if the officer came up to the house, he was going to force the officer into a shooting him or was going to take his own life," Latham says.

After half an hour of negotiating, Seth Gordon hung up.  Police then heard a single gunshot.   It's news that has shaken up the otherwise quiet neighborhood.

"Everyone's in shock over it, you know, had no idea something like that could happen," says Jan Medrano, who lives right next door.

Neighbors Jack and Jan Medrano say the Gordons were hard-working people who seemed happy. They say they had no idea Dwight Gordon had been diagnosed with cancer.

"He was a good man, do anything for anybody.  His boy was the same way, they were very good people," says Jack.

"People deal with problems everyday but we all deal with them differently and it's just sad that that's the way they chose to deal with it," says Jan.

Investigators are not calling this a murder-suicide just yet. They're waiting till the investigation is complete.  Right now, they are interviewing family members to better understand the situation and what mental state the father and son may have been in.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com