Father And Son Discovered Dead in East Texas Home


Sheriff's investigators in Harrison County, TX, are trying to determine whether the deaths of a father and son were, in fact, a murder and suicide.
    Their initial reports show 911 dispatchers received a call to that effect just before 7:00 p. m. Thursday.
   It came from a home near Hallsville, TX, where detectives later found the bodies of Seth Gordon, 21, and his father, Dwight Gordon, 61.  Both men had been shot to death.
   Lt. Martry Lathan with the Harrison County Sheriff's Office told KSLA News 12 the caller advised the dispatcher that he had shot and killed his father, on the father's request.  He reportedly said his father had recently been diagnosed with cancer. 
   "The young man that had called 911 told the dispatcher that he did not want the officer to come to his house," said Lathan.  "If he did, he said he would make the officer shoot him, or he would shoot himself."
  Lathan said once deputies arrived and surrounded the home, they heard what sound like a muffled gunshot. They entered the home and found both men lying side by side.  However, he said he is stopping short of calling this a murder-suicide until the investigation is complete.
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Story from Raycom Affiliate KSLA-TV Shreveport.