Newton Anderson Finally Extends Apology At Death House

An East Texas finally says they have peace, but the pain will always remain, now that the killer of Frank and Bertha Cobb has been executed.    KLTV was the only East Texas media organization present as the sentence was carried out.

30-year-old Newton Anderson was put to death last night for the 1999 murders in New Harmony in Smith County.  Frank and Bertha Cobb were bound, shot, and their home set on fire with them inside.   Anderson also sexually assaulted Bertha Cobb.

"Glad that it's over with, we can move on with our lives and our memory of them will live on."

After the ordeal of eight years for the nephew, the son, the daughter of the two brutally killed at least a chapter was closed Thursday night.

Kevin Cobb is Frank and Bertha Cobb's son: "I walked up to the glass for as close to closure as possible for me. Maybe if i heard the tiniest bit of sound," he had hoped.

The family wanted an explanation for why the Cobbs were killed so brutally.

Newton Anderson, led to the death chamber, had already given prison officials a letter he wrote earlier in the day.

It said, in part, "I should say that I'm sorry, but I know that the words sorry could never be enough. Even to my last few seconds, I will still have my guilt and shame."

But after family and reporters were led to the chamber, Anderson spoke again, saying "I hope that you get what you want and it makes you feel better and that it gives you some kind of relief."

But there was no answer to why the crimes were so heinous.

"I don't see why we can't accept the apology, but I don't think it was real because it was written today," said the Cobb's daughter Carolyn Sanders.

Kevin Cobb says he wanted to look into Anderson's eyes.

"I saw my mothers face in his I saw my daddy lying on the floor when he was shot, I saw the house burning in his eyes.  I knew when he looked at me when we walked in the room," Kevin says.

March 4th will mark eight years since the murders. The family says that day will never get easier.

"There was justice done today, but it will not bring back Frank and Bertha Cobb," Kevin said.

Newton Anderson was the fifth inmate to be put to death in Texas this year.  Three others are set to die in the next two weeks.

Reported by Morgan Palmer in Huntsville.