Tyler Man Spreads Inspirational Messages With "Jesus Truck"

He's been a preacher for 60 years, spreading the word of the Lord since his early 20s. But Fred Harris decided to go a step further to convey his message. The 84-year-old turned his truck into an advertisement of his faith.

It's a truck you can't help but notice.  "That's my Jesus truck," said Fred Harris.  He bought a 1961 GMC truck from a junk yard for $2,000.  He added a cross and painted on 35 different inspirational sayings from the likes of writer Henry David Thoreau, minister Andrew Wommack and the Apostles Paul and Peter.

"Anybody that looks at this truck and see that cross with the crown on it has got to think about Jesus for a minute," said Harris.

Wherever he goes, the "Jesus truck" gets noticed. "He's trying to help people in bringing out the message of the Lord," said Alice Alvey, who has known Harris for years.

"Every time I saw that truck it gave me reason to thank the Lord and everything and it made me think about the great, good blessings he has given me," said Amanda Rodriguez, who has seen "Jesus truck" for years but it was not until today that she met Fred Harris.

"He's trying to get the word out and that's his unique way of doing that and I think that's fantastic," said Roy Williams, who saw the "Jesus truck" for the first time today.

"Here's one that says, 'Don't worry about tomorrow. God is already there,'" Harris pointed out.  "This is one from Andrew Wommack. It say self-centeredness is the cause for sin and strife."

Harris says his favorite saying out them all is the one in the very front. "Attitude determines everything and you can choose your attitude," said Harris.

Harris says when he dies, he wants his grandchildren to drive his casket from the funeral home to his final resting place in his Jesus truck.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.  ortega@kltv.com