Longview Fire Department Finishes WMD Training

An East Texas fire department is making sure they're ready if any sort of bio or chemical terrorism should hit close to home.   The Longview Fire Department Special Ops Division wrapped up their three-day long training on how to respond to a possible Weapon of Mass Destruction.   Firefighters received hands-on, scenario-based training from experts, including one who survived 9/11.

Russell Marshall, District Chief, of the Longview Fire Department Special Ops, says, "the course has been very beneficial to us as local responders because when you look at the US as a whole a lot of people don't think domestic and even international terrorism can affect small town USA and indeed it can, this can be a very large target for terrorists groups."

The course was funded by the Department of Homeland Security and put on by instructors at Louisiana State University.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com