Hearing Postponed On Texas Power Plants

Texas energy company TXU Corp.'s hearing for permits to build six coal-fired power plants was delayed Wednesday after a state court's ruling.

Citing the ruling late Tuesday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry had no right to speed the permit process, the state Office of Administrative Hearings asked lawyers to come up with a new date.

Judge Stephen Yelenosky's ruling blocked Perry's 2005 executive order directing state regulators to expedite issuing permits for power plants after hurricanes Katrina and Rita disrupted natural gas production, The Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reported.

The ruling was a victory for environmental groups opposed to the plants, the newspaper said. The groups had argued the expedited process did not allow enough time to present evidence, especially since the hearing covered six permit applications.

No one should be surprised that a single liberal Austin judge would rule against Gov. Perry and his efforts to increase energy capacity in Texas, Perry said in a statement.

Story courtesy of The Associated Press.