East Texas Senior Badly Injured In Hit And Run

Residents of a small East Texas community are angry after a well known and well liked member of their town is run down and left for dead.

Last night, 60 year old Charles Traylor of Cason was on his way home when a truck hit him and drove off. Cason is about 10 miles west of Daingerfield in Morris County.

"It's maddening to know they could not even stop, and realize how bad he was hurt" said Cason resident Lawaynea Ryan.

Traylor was hit on his bicycle on County Road 144. On the road, there are no skidmarks or any other signs the truck even tried to slow down.

"It kind of surprised me that nobody stopped to see or admit who it was or anything cause it doesn't happen around here" said witness Monica Edmiston.

Witnesses say he was hit by a black ford truck. The only evidence left on the scene, the truck's passenger side mirror.

"Its a crying shame that a man can't even ride his bicycle along side of the road and somebody hitting him and leaving him not even stopping to see I he was dead alive or what" said Traylor's friend Paul Brock.

Within minutes of the accident, many of the townspeople were on the scene.

"I went down that direction found out that it was Charles, I've known Charles I can talk to him keep him calm, we went to the hospital we were there with him through his surgery" said Ryan.

Traylor has a collapsed lung and severely broken leg. The tight knit community can't believe no one took responsibility.

"He might not be millionaire or some rich man but over here in cason he's somebody to us" Edmiston says.

Charles Traylor remains in Good Shepherd Medical Center in serious condition.

Again, the truck involved in this incident is described as a late-model black Ford truck with a missing passenger-side mirror. Call the Morris County Sheriff's Office if you have any information on this.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com