Two Dumpsites Creating One Big Mess

After receiving a viewer's email about two east Texas dumpsites right next to each other, we decided to check them out for ourselves.   The properties are just east of the intersection of Highway 1-35 and County Road 1252 in Gregg County, near the Gregg County, Smith County line.

Two East Texas dumpsites, owned by two different people, but so close together, they're becoming one big mess.

"I mean yes that is unsightly, I mean there's a bunch of trash out there, it could be cleaned up," says Leah Modisette, who lives right across the street.

That's why we went along with the Gregg County Health Department to see what could be done. At the first house, Health Officer Fred Killingsworth approaches the homeowner Bill Ele.  He says he's a mechanic and is working on the cars.

"What we need to do in order to make you know make everything legal is get a fence up, if you can do that....I can do that," says Ele to Killingsworth.

But that doesn't excuse him from receiving a written warning.

"I don't know, what's the problem, I don't understand," says homeowner Bill Ele.  "I haven't got a whole bunch of money. I'm 70 years old and I'm trying to make a living."

But Ele says he will spend the money to comply and put up a fence.

Onto the next home where metal scraps, abandoned trucks, and a dishwasher are left in the front yard.

"The junk vehicle obviously doesn't run, hasn't run in several years and can't be within 300 feet of a county roadway or public roadway," says Killingsworth.

The homeowner was actually told last summer to put up a fence. The man wasn't not home, but is left a second violation, telling him to contact the judge.

It's a small dent in the overwhelming job health officers like Killingsworth take on as people continue to trash our East Texas.

Both homeowners have 30 days to comply with the health department's request to put up a fence, blocking the trash off from the roadway.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: