John F. Kennedy Video Uncovered In East Texas After 43 Years

New video has be uncovered of President John F. Kennedy a little over a minute before he was assassinated.  KLTV 7 spoke with the East Texas man who made the home movie and has had it stored away for more than 43 years.

"I worked for an insurance company and the home office was at Ross and Lamar in downtown Dallas.  I took my camera down there on purpose that day because I knew the president was coming by," says George Jefferies.

82 year old George Jefferies of Gladewater was hoping he would get some film of President Kennedy.

"Just made the picture as it went by," says George.

After he got the film he went back to work, not realizing President Kennedy was shot just 90 seconds later.

"Later on our switch board operator's husband was the type set operator for the Times Herald.  He called and said he was setting the type that the president was dead," says George.

After he sent the film off to be developed.

"I showed it to my daughters and my wife and a few friends but I never thought much about it," says George.

The film has been in his dresser drawer and George says he never thought of it. Until recently, when he was talking with his son-in-law.

"I said I have that Kennedy video and he looked at it and wanted it and I said you can have it. He took it to the museum and gave it them," says George.

George's film is now on display at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. He says he never thought anyone would want it.

"I saw the movies that somebody made of him being shot but this is just them passing by and I never thought much to it," says George.

We asked George if he ever thought about selling the film?

"I probably could of but in the first place I never thought about it and I don't think it's right. Now, I love money, but I don't think it's right to make money on the President Kennedy's death," says George.

He also held onto the newspapers from the days following and say he will donated those to museum as well.  The museum's curator says the footage is the clearest and best film of Jackie Kennedy in the motorcade. The museum says they are always on the lookout for pictures or film.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.