A Better East Texas:Choosing What Your Child Watches ON TV

It's a daily challenge for me to watch out for network programming decisions that are shown on my station. But if you are a parent, the challenge of making sure your child isn't exposed to programs they shouldn't see is even greater. If you're like most families you subscribe to either a cable or satellite service. Believe me, these services offer channels you do not want your child to see. So what do you do? Well the first is to recognize that you shouldn't allow your child to watch television unsupervised until you're ready to turn them loose in the mall unsupervised.

Second, do what you can to control and monitor their viewing. Check out this website, TVBoss.org. Most cable and satellite services offer safeguards that allow you to turn the remote control over to the kids while still controlling what they watch. This website will tell you more about these safeguards and other helpful tv viewing tips for parents. That tv set in your living room can be a great tool for family entertainment and education. How it makes this a better east texas for kids is still up to the parents.