East Texas Senior Nearly Beaten To Death

An East Texas senior beaten nearly to death, desperately wants to find the man responsible.  Around 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning, Mineola police received a call from a man living on Church Street who said he had been beaten.  Tuesday, with 20 staples covering his body, police say the 72 year old man is lucky to be alive.

Tommy Williams has lived in Mineola his entire life. Never has anyone bothered him at his home, that is until early Saturday morning when he heard a knock on his door.

"I put the porch light on, and he had this hood over his face," said Tommy Williams, who was nearly beaten to death. Williams says the man told him he lived across the street and needed to use the phone.

"When I opened the screen door he came at me with that board and hit me in the head and knocked me down," said Williams. "He said give me your money. That's all he was saying." Lying there on the ground, Williams says all he could do was try and fight back.

"I was just holding, trying to keep his hands down you know," said Williams. Tommy says he and the suspect struggled into the bedroom where he was pushed into the heater and burned. The man, Williams says then grabbed a nearby bat and began hitting him. It was a struggle so violent, blood remains on the walls Tuesday.

"It looked like a murder scene," said Deshun Williams, Tommy Williams' daughter. "It was something I never saw before. With the man responsible on the loose, Williams' family is doing everything they can to help.

"I'm more focused on him and his health and just thanking God for that, but I'm willing to do anything, pay anything, if anybody knows anything let us know," said Deshun Williams. Right now, Williams' family says they are proud of him for fighting back.

"I didn't give up," said Williams. "I thought once to give up. I said I'm tired and that's when I heard he was breathing harder than I was, and I decided I'm just going to try to stick with him." The Mineola Police Department says they have two suspects and are offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest.  If you have any information call the Mineola Police Department at 903-569-6294 or Wood County Crimestoppers at 903-569-2118.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com