East Texan Making Case For Mavericks Ultimate Fan

"Hello, welcome to my home."

From the moment you meet Connie Tennison, you know you're in Mavericks country. And after she turns on her music...

"Everybody that knows me has listened to (the Maverick's) CD," Tennison said.

And she shows you her spare bedroom, you know this isn't an ordinary fan.

"Everybody I work with, they think I'm crazy because I love them so much," Tennison laughed.

This season ticket holder has everything from autograph pictures, Mavericks bed sheets, bobbleheads, programs, posters...

"All the jersies of course," Tennison adds.

Including a lot of number 41.

"I love Dirk (Nowitzki) to death," Tennison said.  "Who doesn't love Dirk? But they all mean something to me.

And that goes for owner Mark Cuban.

"The owner is there for his team.  It's wonderful watching him and the way he acts when he is out there on the floor."

As well as the Mavericks dancers...

"We have the best dancers of all time," Tennison said with authority.

And then, there's The General.

"Oh my gosh," Tennison said. "They couldn't have picked a better coach."

No, not Avery Johnson, but the fish.

"I do have a fish," Tennison admits.  "An Arawana from the Amazon. I call him The General, and he rules."

Yes, a Mavericks fan to the end.

"I think this is our year," Tennison said about the Mavericks.  "We're going to do it. We're going all the way."