Kids Get Pumped For TAKS Test

Kids in Kilgore showed their school spirit to get ready for Tuesday's TAKS test.   Chandler Elementary School and Kilgore Intermediate School held a pep rally, sporting their school colors and noisemakers. The Kilgore High School cheerleaders were there to get them excited about taking the TAKS test. The kids even had a screaming contest shouting, "pass the TAKS!"

"There's so many kids who need to know that we're standing behind them and it's going to take teamwork and it's going to take fortitude and stamina and energy to keep on going tomorrow because it's going to be a long day and they're going to need this energy for tomorrow," says Kilgore Intermediate School Principal Cheryl Halla.

Tuesday is the first day of TAKS testing for the entire state of Texas.

Tracy Watler Reporting