Smith County Commissioners Discuss A Change At The Purchasing Office

Controversy is brewing, over a move in the Smith County Commissioners court to change the way they handle purchasing decisions. The possible change would create an independent board. The group would be made up of three district judges and two county commissioners, who would appoint a purchasing agent and then direct that agent.

Not everyone thinks this is a good idea. "Since we've established the purchasing department we've established a code of ethics and we try very hard not to, we're not in contact with any of the vendors," said Smith County Precinct 4 Commissioner Joann Hampton.  "When we send out bids, we have a no-contact clause in there, so I feel like we've done the things that we need to do in order to make this department ethically correct."

"The idea is to make the purchasing agent more independent so that she won't be making her decisions based on politics based on any undue influence she receives from the commissioners court," said Smith County Judge Joel Baker.

Commissioners did not vote on this Monday but they expect the issue to be voted on in the near future.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.