7 On Your Side:$6,500 Phone Bill

Last month, Rosemary Russell received her latest Verizon phone bill.

She took advantage of the convenience of paying it through her bank.

"My husband retired 18 months ago and we were traveling. So instead of having our mail forwarded at each point that we might be at, we decided to do it online," says Rosemary.

Rosemary paid the bill in full for $65.68. But Verizon ended up taking $6,568.00.

Rosemary noticed it after getting her bank statement days later.

"That is a huge amount, it out like a sore thumb," says Rosemary after receiving her statement.

But getting the problem fixed meant calling Verizon's customer service line. An experience Rosemary described as,"Total frustration. I was getting no where. Phone calls were promised to come back to me. I never got that to happen."

But Rosemary did call 7 On Your Side and let one Verizon supervisor know she got the media involved.

"[The Verizon supervisor] said, 'Well before we get into doing that let me get this right.' And then I got this call this morning and she says, 'Oh yeah a check has already been cut on the 13th.'

Verizon also contacted us and said not only will Rosemary have a check for $6,568.00.

They credited her account for $120 which will cover her Verizon bill for the next couple months.

Rosemary's grateful, but wishes it didn't take more than a month to fix the problem.

"You should be able to speak with someone with authority, whether it's $6,000 or $60, take care of it," Rosemary says.

And once the check is in hand it's straight to bank for Rosemary, to make this long-overdue deposit.

Naturally Rosemary was skeptical the check would arrive and sure enough at the end of the week nothing showed up in the mail.

Christine called Verizon again today, and the company says it will re-issue a check and overnight it so she'll have it first thing Tuesday.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com