East Texan On The Track At Daytona

One East Texan was at Daytona for Saturday's Orbitz 300 race and he stood at the heart of it all.

Over the past year, we have followed C.J. Fambrough of Tyler a pit crew member for Joe Gibbs racing team.

Saturday's Orbitz 300 was C.J's first Busch Series race as a pit crew member, however C.J. did not actually work as a rear tire changer for this race, he just observed.

But this East Texan said Daytona was a dream come true. KLTV talked to C.J. by phone just hours after he returned home from the race.

"Tony Stewart came over before the race started and wished us good luck," he said. "He's actually going to drive for us next week out in California. It was just kind of cool to see that. Daytona has been a building block of what NASCAR and racing is today. Just to be there and know all the history and know all the things that have happened at that race track, makes it just a special place to be."

C.J. will actually serve as a tire changer in  two weeks in Mexico City.