Longview Search Continues For Missing Woman

After a third organized search, still no questions have been answered in the mysterious disappearance of a Brownsboro woman. It was August 2nd when 23-year-old Brandi Wells was last seen entering Graham's Central Station in Longview. Six days later, her car was found abandoned on I-20.

A group of volunteer searchers combed through wooded areas of Longview today for any possible clues to Brandi Well's whereabouts.  "This is every parent's worse nightmare," said one volunteer.

"We just feel that something must have happened in this area, and so that's why we keep concentrating in the Longview Gregg County area, not even a clue.  It's just so frustrating," said Brandi's godmother Michelle Cole.

Three times now, small armies of volunteers have searched miles of wooded areas in Gregg County looking for anything:  piece of clothing or any of Brandi's personal belongings.

"It has been frustrating.  The most frustrating part is somebody somewhere knows something, and they're not doing the right thing by coming forward and they're not coming forward with whatever they've got," said Brandi's brother Chris Wells.

The search now really focuses on any little clue they can find no matter how insignificant it might be, anything that can tell them what happened to Brandi.  They've gone over miles of the area where her car was found.

"It doesn't matter how insignificant it is.  It could be a piece of trash.  It could be the thing that will lead us to Brandi," said search volunteer Patty McElligott.

They just can't understand how she could have vanished without any trace.  "This family needs to know where their child is," McElligott said.

The Wells family is planning another organized search next month.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com