Freedom Fighters: Tommy Guinn

Our brave men and women, wounded in war ,return to the U.S., not to the tune of brass bands and ticker tape parades, but to the drip of IVs and parades of doctors. They are our "Wounded Warriors" Such is the case of Tommy Guinn of Overton.

Guinn, who received an Air Medal for valor in Afghanastan and was among the first wave of U.S. Military in Iraq, was injured in 2006 in Pakistan while helping with earthquake relief. Guinn was atop his helicopter making repairs when a nearby helicopter started its blades. The blades hit him in the head knocking him sixteen feet off the helicopter to the ground, cracking his skull in two places and breaking his back.

Guinn is paralyzed from the waist down and has to learn to do everything in a different way. In spite of this, he says he's lucky to be alive and although life is different now, he insists it is "still good."