Peanut Butter Tests Inconclusive, More Time Needed For Results

UT Health Center at Tyler's microbiology lab began testing peanut butter KLTV 7 collected Thursday.

So far they're ruling the results "inconclusive."

They say more time is needed for the bacteria to grow, in order to know if they're contaminated.

"As of right now we don't have any salmonella on the plates, but we are still doing some extra culture plates and extra tests and we should know by tomorrow. Bacteria grow on their own rate you can't make them grow faster," says Microbiologist Angie Lanphier with UTHCT.

UTHCT says if salmonella is found, they'll be able to tell when the culture turns a certain color.

Also, they're asking people not to bring in their peanut butter jars to the health center to be tested.

They say see your doctors if you're experiencing symptoms.

One other note: the Northeast Texas Public Health District told us late this afternoon, there have been 88 salmonella cases in East Texas since August.

So far, they have ruled out 66 of them being related to this peanut butter scare.

They say they're gathering more information on the remaining 22, before they can determine if any are connected to tainted peanut butter.

Christine Nelson reporting.