Dash Cam Video Shows Speedy ChaseThrough Neighborhoods

A high speed police chase in East Texas ends with a rollover crash, sending three to the hospital.   The Jacksonville Police Department says around 12:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, it received a call that a home burglary was taking place on Lake Shore Drive.   Police then spotted the suspects' vehicle on North Patton Street, where they say the chase began.   A short time later, police say the suspects lost control of their car and crashed on South Penida Street.

Dash cam video taken during the pursuit shows the alleged burglars speeding through several residential neighborgoods.  A chase Detective Jason Price of the Jacksonville Police Department says may not have happened had it been a different time of the day.

"Had there been kids out there playing, totally a different thing," said Detective Jason Price of the Jacksonville Police Department. The video shows none of that." What the dash cam video does show is the suspects flying down streets, at times police say going at speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour, ignoring all traffic signs.

"They are going to disregard this stop sign right there," said Price  "Almost get into an accident." As the suspects approach South Penida Street, police say they tried to avoid an oncoming car. Instead they lose control of their car, hit a culvert and go airborn.  In the end they end up rolling in a ditch.  All three were sent to the hospital.

Anthony Duffie, 21 police say has been released from the hospital.  He's now in custody of the Smith County Sheriff's Department for a parole violation. Alvin Clayton, 23 police say is in critical condition and Joshua Robinson, 18 is in stable condition tonight. Police say all three face burglary of habitation charges, charges that police say could have been worse had they hit any citizens.

Police want to remind citizens to call in any suspicious activity because all it took was a phone call from a concerned citizen to catch the alleged burglars.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com