Group Is Weatherizing Many East Texas Homes For Free

Friday was one of the coldest days and with energy costs on the rise, there is something you can do to save money. It's called "weatherization" and one East Texas program is doing it for free. The program is for those who qualify, mainly the elderly and disabled, but it's still something we can all do to our homes.

Lillie Stone has lived in her Kilgore home for more than 30 years, and every year her electric bill keeps getting higher.

"I needed help," she says.

So she called the Greater East Texas Community Action Program and a worker came out to her home to do a little "weatherization."

"[Those are] measures that we do to reduce their energy consumption and energy burden, meaning we lower their light bill and their gas bill," says Carl Singleton, the Weatherization Coordinator with the Greater East Texas Community Action Program.

Some things to do include: adding wall and attic insulation, installing weather stripping, caulking windows, and upgrading heating and cooling equipment

But it seems Lillie is most enjoying her brand new stove and it was all free, thanks to a federal program aimed at reducing energy costs.

Before her home was weatherized, Lillie's money was going out the window, now, after weatherization, over just a year, she can save hundreds of dollars on her electric bills. And that's something we can all hope for.

"Everyone would benefit from these measures if they were doing this to their home, some would qualify for our program, some would not, but all of us have a lot to learn about efficiency," says Singleton.

Now, Lillie says she's actually looking forward to getting her next electric bill knowing it won't be as high as the last one.

"This has just helped so much, it's just a tremendous help, I can tell the difference," Lillie says.

The Greater East Texas Community Action Program is encouraging the elderly, disabled, and families with young children to apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program by calling:


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