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Recalled Peanut Butter All Over East Texas

Tyler resident Jim Deramus was eating a no-bake peanut butter cookie Thursday morning when he heard about the recall. He says he'd been sick for about a week, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. Now, he is convinced he had a bad batch of the spread.

"I just kept having the stomach cramps and was nauseated all the time. I thought I might have been catching what everybody's had around here, but it wasn't that at all, obviously," says Deramus.

The shelves were empty at the Tyler Brookshires.  They removed all Peter Pan prodcuts, not just the one's affected by the recall.

Public relations manager Jim Gee says, "We just felt that it was better to err on the side of caution."

P.A.T.H. had to pull all of it's peanut butter from the shelves. They say they have been giving out the recalled peanut butter for at least the last three weeks.

Pantry manager Beverly Andrews says, "I was extremely concerned, because we do give it to the high risk folks.  I wanted to get the news out to them as quickly as possible and get them to check their peanut butter to make sure that everyone was okay."

P.A.T.H.'s food comes from the East Texas Food Bank. Thursday, employees there spent the morning separating out bad peanut butter and throwing it away.

Executive Director Robert Bush says, "Last week, we had two peanut butter drives for us. Marvin United Methodist Church and All Saints. Both of them had peanut butter drives, and we expect that most of that will end up being compromised.  So, just last week a lot of donated food that's great for families to have, we're going to have to inspect and chances are, we'll dispose of it."

It's a loss for the food bank, but a safety step that is far more important.

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