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Last Minute Shoppers Rush For Valentine's Gifts

      Valentines Day is a day for rekindling old romance and looking for new love, but  also a day where East Texas men  make a desperate last minute dash to make final purchases of Valentine's gifts. At convenience stores and roadside flower tents, men looking disoriented and lost, were trying to buy valentines gifts for their wives and girlfriends.

   "I don't have to I just do it because I love her" said one shopper.

  "Well you just walk around and look and see how much you want to spend , how much you think of her" said Douglas Ruthvin, who's been married 55 years.

  "They come in at the last minute getting what pleases their wives, what they think pleases their wives" said Kroger flower salesperson Wanda Brown. 

   Many are confused when their significant other says not to get them anything.

  "But I was silly and didn't take it up, they say one thing which means you'd better do the other" said Kilgore late shopper Jody Bush.

    But there is a danger for men who shop late, the danger coming from their wives and girlfriends, it's a condition they're trying to kick.

   "I think I knew i was a late valentines shopper when I was a teenager, I knew I was different" jokingly said one shopper.

  Different or not, these shoppers mission is the same: come up with that last minute gift,  or infuriate their partner.  

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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