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Valentine's Arrangements Good Enough To Eat

"People are knocking on our doors at 9:30 at night, calling until 10 o'clock at night begging," says Edible Arrangements owner Chris Fleming of the Valentine's Day rush.

And asking for a cherry on top probably wasn't enough to get you one of these bouquets this Valentine's Day, designed by the Tyler store.

"It's got the wow factor, that's how I got into it," says Fleming.

Fleming and her fiance Art Parz opened the business barely a month ago.

Word of mouth has moved so fast for these fresh fruit bouquets, they had to stop taking orders for the holiday yesterday.

"We actually started cutting fruit five o'clock last night, finished at midnight and came back at five o'clock this morning to start putting all the orders we had together," says Parz.

From strawberries, to heart-shaped pineapples and chocolate covered apples standing at attention, each bouquet is made with fresh fruit shipped that day.

Those who got their orders in early will be winning brownie points because of it.

"I've done flowers but nothing like this," says Cole Thompson getting ready to take home his edible arrangement to his girlfriend. "She's going to love it. She has no idea."

Customer Jeff Hunter adds, "Although [my wife] would like to eat these everyday I think valentine's day is the perfect day to give these."

With a gift you can eat, that's healthy and romantic, it's a complete package wrapped up in one.

The owners of Edible Arrangements say guys also like getting these bouquets.

Their next busiest holiday is Mother's Day so get your order in early.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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