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Love Is On The Air For Radio Serenade

"This year for the first time-- we've done this for four years, and we let the ladies have a go of it" says 89.5 KVNE morning co-host Tricia Anderson of their annual Serenade Your Sweetheart contest.

"The guys [in previous years] were just putting on the guitar and just wailing away, but the ladies were serious about their sweethearts," says co-host Mike Harper.

Tandra Warnock penned the song "The One" before her wedding last year.  She decided to reprise it for KVNE.

"I just asked the Lord to write a song through me for the words," she says of the song written for her husband Stephen.

"I had waited probably three or four years, and had prayed for him to be my husband. He didn't really know who I was."

Tandra's song beat out about three dozen other competitors, all East Texas women wanting to serenade their Valentine, and win a prize package.

"Captivated before you now," begins the song.

"I've never dreamed of this love that we've found.
Here's my heart, it's all for you.
Take my hand, as I promise to.

You're incredible, amazing -- my dream come true.
Forever and always, I'll be in love with you.

I love you my baby, I know this much is true:
Our passion for Jesus will carry us through."

Stephen says the first time he heard the song was as he waited at the altar as Tandra walked down the aisle.

"It's very humbling to have someone say those things about you, especially someone you love so much," he says.

"It's my ringtone on my phone.  So, everytime she calls, it's what plays, and a reminder of how much she loves me."

Reported by Morgan Palmer.

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