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Nellie Goes Home

As Nellie got ready to go home, you could sense she was a bit timid.

For the last four months, her home has been a vet's office where she was nursed back to health from life-threatening wounds sustained behind the bed of a pick-up truck. Those who've cared for her day in and day out understandably grew attached, but today, it was time to say goodbye.

Melanie Skinner is one of Nellie's caregivers and says, "It's going to be sad. We'll come in the morning, and we'll still look for her.  We'll be looking for her, and she's not there."

As she says goodbye to an old home, she heads to a new one that Brenda Oldfield built just for her.

It's a doggy palace of sorts, complete with heat and air, and two huge play yards where Brenda says she can run and play and maybe make a friend or two.

Nellie's new home is filled with gifts sent from people all over the country; people who heard about what happened to her and wanted to help.

Brenda says, "To see the flip-side of the coin, how open and big-hearted people are;  I was always just overwhelmed by the amount of support we got from them."

Nellie has recovered just about as well as anyone could have hoped. Brenda says she will probably be on an anti-inflammatory for the rest of her life, and she has scars that will never go away. They're a reminder of just how hard she fought to survive, and part of what makes Nellie so beautiful.

No criminal charges have been filed against the two teens suspected in the Nellie's dragging at this point.

Lindsay Wilcox, reporting,


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