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Ways To Prevent A Heart Attack

Experts say prevention is the key to a healthy heart. East Texas health experts say approximately 500,000 Americans never get a warning sign before they die from a heart attack. KLTV 7 looks at what you can do to avoid that happening to you.

54 year old Patricia Barrett of Tyler started having heart problems 14 years ago. She recently got a new pacemaker.  During that visit, doctors found a problem something that could have, at any time, resulted in a heart attack

"They found out I had blockage and they put in 2 stints," says Patricia.

She knew she had a family history and now she's trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

"Do these exercises, eat right, lay off a lot of salts and take my medication," says Patricia.

"Prevention really becomes every persons goal as soon as they are aware of their health," says Dr. Bill Moore, Medical Director, ETMC EMS.

Dr. Moore with says you can't help all of your risk factors for example- family history and age. But there are ways to minimize your risks.  He says, maintain a good blood pressure (120 over 80), good cholesterol less than 220,  stop smoking and maintain a healthy weight.

"Get in an exercise program, the American Heart Association suggests 30 minutes a day. If it cold outside buy a treadmill. What is a $400 treadmill cost compared to one day in the emergency room. I can guarantee you will get a better return on the treadmill.  Once you do it you start feeling better and start feeling better about yourself.  It's really a great antidepressant," says Dr. Moore.

Doctors say you'll feel great because of the exercise and more confident that you won't become another statistic of a heart attack without warning.

If you would like to learn more about who is at risk for a heart attack, the risk factors and prevention.  ETMC is offering a free informational guide. Just call 1-800-648-8141 and press 2 and one will be mailed to you free of charge.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.  kdavis@kltv.com

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