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East Texas Senior Talks About Mugging

Home from the hospital, an East Texas senior says she will be more careful when she leaves her house.  Monday afternoon, Odie Davis, 75 of Tyler was sent to a hospital after a man threw her to the ground while snatching her purse.  Davis had just left Woody Weavers Pharmacy where she bought some money orders she says to pay her bills.

"He take a thousand dollar check, money order and $312 money order, and I guess about $95.00," said Odie Davis, who had purse snatched from intruder. Davis says she saw her attacker, Patrick Corney, at Woody Weavers Pharmacy cashing a check. A short time later, when she got home, Davis says she saw the same man inside her garage.

"He was snatching and snatching me on down in the garage, and I was laying on my stomach and I was trying to get up," said Davis.  Davis says she had to crawl her way inside her home where she called police.  

"I say I just been mugged, and I told them I saw him at Woody Weavers," said Davis.  Police later arrested Leslie Thomas, 20 after police say she tried to cash one of Davis' money orders.   The alleged mugger, Patrick Corney, police say is still on the loose.  

It's an experience, Davis hopes others can learn from, and has this advice.

"I tell anybody and all elders to be careful when they go home, and make sure you look around to see if anybody is standing anywhere because you never know," said Davis. Tyler police are working with Woody Weavers Pharmacy to help Davis get her money back as quick as possible. Again, they continue to look for Patrick Corney, the alleged mugger. If you have any information call Tyler police.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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