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7 On Your Side:Electric Bill Dispute

Cliff Frantz operated an arts and crafts store in a building behind his home.

But when he turned them into small efficiencies, he continued getting charged the higher commercial rate instead of residential.

"A year ago [the bill] would get up to $40-50, then $60-70, now it's $240!," says Cliff.

$240 for a 300 square foot living space that's being rented out. It has no appliances, just an AC unit and a small bathroom attached.

"I started calling and telling them look I got a residential, it's not a business. They'd keep telling me every month they'd get it changed over. The next bill would come it wouldn't be changed. You'd call, still wouldn't be changed," says Cliff.

So what's the hold up?

We called TXU, who says they only have record of Cliff calling to dispute the commercial rate on January 3rd of this year.

TXU says because of that, it's hard to justify issuing a credit for the months prior.

Cliff contends he's contacted TXU multiple times and recalls the frustrating experience to prove it.

"[I would] ask for a supervisor, they'll put you on hold. They keep you on hold for a couple hours, then you really get discouraged you hang the phone up, maybe try again. I feel powerless very. You have to have electricity. So you just pay it," says Cliff.

TXU told KLTV 7 Cliff's next bill should reflect the proper rate. For this skeptic customer, he'll believe it when he sees it.

TXU did agree to credit Cliff from January 3rd, the date they have noted on his account when he called.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com


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