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2/12/07-Smith County

Investigators Seize 6 Million Dollars of Cocaine

Investigators say, the 140 pounds of cocaine has a street value of 6 million dollars but it will never be sold on the street.  It was taken out of commission, following a discovery in a vehicle driving down I-20, near Lindale.

We spoke with the deputy of the Interstate Criminal Enforcement who discovered the hidden drugs and made the a big arrest.

"I have been on the interstate 5 years now and this is the largest cocaine seizure, I have ever made," says Deputy Mark Waters.

Sunday afternoon, Deputy Waters made a stop along I-20, near Highway 69.

Deputy Waters pulled over the truck and trailer for multiple traffic violations. He got permission to search the truck and trailer, that's when he found the cocaine inside four televisions.

"I began noticing a strange smell coming from the TV and noticed tampering marks.  Later, kicked the tube off the back and exposing the inside of the picture tube was a large amount of baby diapers, that was used for packing material.  Once we removed the diapers it exposed the black kilo bricks that we down inside the TV," says Deputy Waters.

In all officers found 65 kilo bricks of cocaine.

"As the way it sits here right now is 1.6 million dollars.  When they are distributed cut up and sent out, it has approximate street value of over 6 million dollars," says Deputy Waters.

The driver, 35 year old Orlando Devis has been charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

"His behavior was unusually calm. He, the subject, was confident because of the concealment method that was involved here that he would not be caught.  I believe this person was hiring to drive this product to one location to another.  I believe he was passing through. I believe he was going out to the North Caroline area," says Deputy Waters.

Deputy Waters says his training paid off.

Devis is in the Smith County jail on a 2 million dollar bond. He now faces up to life in prison. Investigators say Devis did not have a prior record.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.


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