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Compost Pile Creates Huge Plume Of Smoke

The billowing, black smoke could be seen for miles this afternoon in south Tyler. It looked like the aftermath of some sort of explosion. The smoke caught the attention of local authorities who tracked the fire down to a piece of private property that is being cleared. There, they found a compost pile which they believe self-combusted.

"It's a compost-type pile, and it's not unusual for them to burst into a flame because of the heat they generate," said Tyler Police Department Sgt. Bill Goeking.  "When we came out here, the interesting part was that it was generating black smoke.  The fire department has called their arson investigator out here to look at it to determine what the fire is consisting of."

Authorities say if fire investigators find anything illegal in the compost pile, the property owners could be cited for environmental violations.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting.


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